Kerry built his career on the backs of U.S. troops

The Obama administration can really pick a Secretary of State. First it was Hillary, whose incompetence and lack of concern got an ambassador and three other good men killed, and then you get John Kerry who built his political career on the backs of his brothers in arms.

I can’t think of anything worse than coming back home and lying to your countrymen about the guys you went to war with. Kerry testified before congress in 1971 and talked about all the atrocities we committed in Vietnam, and he knew damn well that the vast majority  of U.S. troops (and probably every one he ever laid eyes on) were doing in Vietnam what always done–fighting with honor and courage while doing their best to help and defend the civilian population.

Anyway, how would he know about all these atrocities? He was only there for four months. He put himself in for three Purple Hearts and got the hell out. In his testimony he claims to have met with 100 veterans in Detroit who admitted murdering, raping and mutilating civilians in Vietnam, sometimes just shooting people for the fun of it. If his pals were telling the truth, they should be in Leavenworth.

I don’t know the exact truth about his wounds, but, since none of them caused him to miss any duty time, they couldn’t have been significant. No doubt most guys who spent a year or more over there got their share of cuts, scrapes and minor injuries during combat activity without getting a Purple Heart. I know a lot of guys who, if they had somehow managed to be awarded three Purple Hearts in four months without missing any duty time, would have been too embarrassed to ask to be sent home.

As soon as John Kerry got his third “wound,” he submitted a request to be sent home on the basis of his three Purple Hearts.  It all sounds pretty calculated to me. When he got home he made a big public production out of throwing his medals away. He dishonored what they stood for, but he was right about one thing. They sure as hell didn’t belong on his chest.

He became increasingly relevant as an anti-war spokesman. The more he threw his former brothers in arms overboard, the more the press loved him. I’ve included a video of his first testimony, and if you look up more of them on YouTube, you’ll notice that his New England accent sounds more and more patrician, more and more like a Kennedy, as his political clout grows.

From the very first Bandaid Purple Heart, it all seems grossly calculated: A political career built on the backs of all those who handled the dirty work in the defining event of their generation.

There’s no doubt in my military mind that those troops were as competent, committed, courageous and moral as any we’ve ever sent into battle. Barack Obama’s secretary of state was one of the original authors of an all too popular novel that even today portrays them as villains. And he’s still collecting royalties from it.


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