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Yes, that famous motif really exists. I stumbled upon it about ten blocks north of my daughter’s apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side a few years ago. The Restaurant was the perfect place for Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer and sometimes their friends, lovers and nemeses to get together to hash things out and deliver information that couldn’t be presented elsewhere but was critical to the plot. I hope we can do some of that here.

I majored in English, so I’m not an expert on anything, although I think I was a damn good truck driver. Actually, it was an English degree with a concentration in creative writing, and I think I’m a pretty good writer, too. I won’t tell you how to drive a truck , and I won’t give you any advice on writing (unless you ask me).The missives I crank out here will be things that interest me. I figure that if something interests me, it should interest other people, too, maybe even you.

I hope you’ll stop in from time to time and find stuff that will make you want to stay in touch. I’m working on a private detective series. The first one, Death’s Door , just came out in October, and I hope to use visitors to this blog as sounding boards while I sweat it out at the keyboard in pursuit of the next volume in the perils of Jesse Yates and the crew at Palm Court Detectives.

While you’re here this time,  why not click the button at the top of this page, get a free copy of Annalisa’s Highway Blues  and sign up for my email list?  If you do, I’ll keep you up to date on the Palm Court Detectives series and contact you when I have special offers and giveaways. I might even ask you for input on names, characters, titles and stuff that I can’t get a good grip on myself. Don’t be a stranger.

Best Wishes,

David Reichart


P.S. War Veterans and Truck Drivers, I’ve been there and I hear ya. Most people don’t realize the level of commitment you put forth every day. Your challenges are high on the list of things I’ll always want to talk about.