Death’s Door

Death’s Door
What former special ops warrior Jesse Yates wants more than anything is to fit in as a civilian and have people think of him as a regular guy. But he isn’t a regular guy and although he isn’t planning on making further use of his extreme training and lethal skills, somebody else is.
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Palm Court Investigations, a skyrocketing new enterprise set up by a laicized Jesuit priest in a refashioned vintage motel, needs a guy exactly like Yates to add clout to its roster.

His first assignment for the detective agency based in Mobile, Alabama, takes Yates under cover at a trucking company that has been targeted by hijackers. Jesse’s civilian naiveté allows him to be drawn quickly into a turf war between hijackers who he likes, outlaw bikers who like him (or what he can do for them), and a drug cartel renegade who has a severe Jesse Yates problem and a chilling bomb plot in the works.

Signing with the new agency turns out to be everything Jesse had hoped for and more—more excitement, more camaraderie, and more chances to die.