Jim Busby/q


This was in QMS’s heyday. I was able to get an interview with founder Jim Busby published in a business journal.

Ted Turner

 I had arranged this interview myself, and I have to admit I was pretty nervous. It was just Ted and me sitting in his trailer in West Palm Beach. He was a character, for sure, but easy to get along with. I, of course, called him Mr. Turner, but he said, "Call me Ted." So I did. He was friendly and cooperative, but at one point I made a reporters fatal error. I asked a yes-or-no question, and he just said, "Yes." And I was stuck. Hommina, hommina, hommina. But then I remembered one of a reporter's favorite tricks. I just remained silent, knowing that nature abhors a vacuum, until he started talking. And, as usual, when he did, he couldn't stop. 

8-Page brochure w/inserts

This was the inside introductory page of a major brochure that included all  six plants located at LeMoyne Industrial Park. It was especially interesting to write because it included a major North American historical site.

2-Page Handout Brochure

Technical Newsletter

Major Announcement

Educational Newsletter

The DuPont engineer in charge of the TMEP project said my article was the best explanation of the program he'd ever read.

Ozzie Newsome Interview

I thought Alabama fans might enjoy reading this interview of an all-time great Alabama wide receiver and NFL tight end (and general manager). It was  held in a motel room during Senior Bowl week. Running back Johnny Davis was present, too.